Among lifejackets for leisure boating and professional use SECUMAR also provides a wide range of products for military use.

For our special SOF products please follow the links to read further information about each product:

SIERRA TACTICAL – Tactical life preserver with electronic multi-sensor inflation device SECUTRONIC for advanced (H)VBSS capabilities

CONTRA 150 SF – Waterproof immersion suit for all missions and work in or around water

SECUVAC  – Waterproof casualty transport system for the evacuation of injured persons

Modular Tactical Diving System – Modular carrying and support system for the use with military closed-circuit diving apparatus. Consisting of RCS – Rebreather Carrying System, bouyancy comensator TSK 554, Plate Carrier, Scooter and Climbing Harness

Pack Buoyancy Aid with SECUTRONIC – Remote controlled bouyancy aid for holding equipment at the water surface or letting submerged equipment surface

ACCESS – Double-purpose brown water ops bag

Further, please find our product overviews for the different applications of military use here:

Military Catalogue

Product overview Fast Jet

Product overview Army

Product overview Special Forces

Product overwiew Navy

Product overview Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing

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