Among lifejackets for leisure boating and professional use SECUMAR also provides a wide range of products for military use. If you are interested in this product segment, then please download our product overviews for the different applications here:

Product overview Fast Jet

Product overview Army

Product overview Special Forces

Product overwiew Navy

Product overview Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing


For our special SOF products please follow the links to read further information about the products:


SIERRA TACTICAL – Tactical life preserver with electronic multi-sensor inflation device SECUTRONIC for advanced (H)VBSS capabilities

CONTRA 150 SF – Waterproof immersion suit for all missions and work in or around water

SECUVAC  – Waterproof casualty transport system for the evacuation of injured persons

Modular Tactical Diving System – Modular carrying and support system for the use with military closed-circuit diving apparatus. Consisting of RCS – Rebreather Carrying System, bouyancy comensator TSK 554, Plate Carrier, Scooter and Climbing Harness

Pack Buoyancy Aid with SECUTRONIC – Remote controlled bouyancy aid for holding equipment at the water surface or letting submerged equipment surface


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