The Modular Tactical Diving System is a modular carrying system for military closed-circuit diving apparatus. It serves as an all-in-one buoyancy, body protection and emergency ascent system. For personal ballistic protection, the carrying system can be detached from the plate carrier, making boarding significantly easier.


Rebreather Carrying System RCS

  • Minimalistic design
  • Laser-Cut MOLLE
  • Supports front and back wear

Buoyancy Compensator TSK 554

  • Certified PPE with CE marking
  • Variants avaiable with or without emergency ascent function

Scooter and Climbing Harness

  • Certified PPE with CE marking
  • Modular design
  • Resistant to seawater

Plate Carrier and Accessories

  • Plate carrier
  • Weight/ lead pockets
  • Carry bags

The following components are precisely matched to one another, but can also be used as a standalone.

Possible combinations

RCS c/w Crotch Strap and Rebreather

The Rebreahter Carrying System forms the basic component of the Modular Tactical Diving System.

RCS c/w Scooter and Climbing Harness and Rebreather

Rebreather carrying system and the scooter and  climbing harness can be connected to each other.

RCS c/w Scooter and Climbing Harness and Rebreather (back wear)

The rebreather carrying system also supports the back carrying method.

RCS c/w Scooter and Climbing Harness, Rebreather and TSK

The buoyancy compensator is exactly adapted to the rebreather and the carrying system.

Plate carrier c/w RCS, Y-Crotch Strap/ Scooter and Climbing Harness, Rebreather and TSK 554

The diving system can also be used in conjunction with a plate carrier.

RCS c/w Scooter and Climbing Harness, Rebreather, TSK 554 and Bottle Pockets

Bottles are compactly attached in MOLLE bags.

RCS mounting details

Modular connection from TSK to RCS in the neck.
Modular connection of TSK to RCS on the shoulder straps.
If necessary, the horizontal TSK back belt is passed through the back of the RCS. Preferred installation when used with bottle pockets.
The vertikal TSK back belt is guided through the loop of the vertical back belt inside the RCS in this case.
Alternative mounting of the TSK when using the 4.0l bottle pocket. The use of the vertical TSK back belt can be dispensed within this configuration. The horizontal TSK back strap can be passed through the back of the RCS.

Scope of delivery

Rebreather Carrying System RCS

RCS consisting of:

  • Carrying system
  • Weight/ lead belt
  • LAR connecting belts (4 pieces)
  • Y-Crotch strap

TSK 554

TSK 554 consisting of:

  • Buoyancy compensator
  • 0.2l compressed air bottle
  • Pressure reducer
  • Medium pressure hose
  • Inflator hose
  • Y-crotch strap/ connecting belt

The TSK 554 can also be used standalone.

Part No.: 16834 (sinlge chamber)

Part No.: 15614 (double chamber)

Plate Carrier

Plate Carrier Consisting of:

  • Front part, including radio pocket (left and right)
  • Back part
  • Side parts, 3-rows (2 pieces)
  • Shoulder straps with MOLLE and quick release fasteners (2 pieces)

Optional connection of a Rebreather possible on the direct Plate carrier.

Optional connection of a 275N lifejacket directly to the Plate Carrier. Lifejacket not included.

Scooter and Climbing Harness

Scooter and Climbing Harness consisting of:

  • Waist belt
  • Leg loops
  • Connecting straps to RCS (3 pieces)