Inflator technology SECUMATIC 4001S

The newly developed automatic inflator SECUMATIC 4001S, installed for the first time in the WINDOW lifejacket in 1999, represents a decisive innovation in function as opposed to the usual form of automatic inflator used up until now.

One single red-green-indicator gives information on the safety level of the equipment:

  • Is a pill inserted in the inflator?
  • Is the CO2-cylinder correctly inserted?
  • Is the manual trigger lever correctly set?
  • Is the cylinder full and in order?

All of these things can be monitored by means of a control window integrated into the protective cover.

With this inflator technology SECUMAR has set standards worldwide and is pointing the way ahead for instance in the USA.

Furthermore, the automatic inflation function of the SECUMATIC 4001S firing mechanism may be switched off by a manual override. The manual override prevents automatic inflation upon water contact. It is used in place of the PILL CAGE or pill if manual only operation is desired (e. g. dinghy sailing).