SECULIFT Rescue Sling

Rescue within your reach

Man over board! Split second action using “purpose-built” rescue aids is a deciding factor in saving human life. The rescue sling SECULIFT offers a patented throw line- /rescue-sling system which optimises the rescuing of shipwrecked persons to a considerable degree.

In principle, SECULIFT is a cloth throw-bag with integrated rescue sling which is thrown to the ship-wrecked person in the water by means of a rescue line (max 20 m). Built-in lead weights in the foam buoyancy enable you to throw close to your target even in unfavourable weather conditions.

In a similar manner to a helicopter rescue sling, the ship-wrecked person puts the sling on and can then be pulled in using the thin throw-line. The end of the throw line forms an easily grasped rescue sheet with the help of which you can pull the ship-wrecked person back on board, either hand over hand, or using the winch, should the person in the water not be able to play an active part in helping himself. The SECULIFT functions without further lines or aids and if need be can be deployed even by one person on his own!

To summarize:

  1. SECULIFT: Make contact with the man overboard within a split second
  2. SECULIFT: Targeted throwing using built-in weights
  3. SECULIFT: Buoyant
  4. SECULIFT: Donned like a helicopter rescue sling
  5. SECULIFT: Can be used anywhere on board (not necessarily only from the pushpit)
  6. SECULIFT: Real rescue apparatus, it is possible for one person alone to haul you back on board
  7. SECULIFT: If you should have to jump into the water to save others, it can also be hooked on to your own harness for safety’s sake when effecting a rescue (action radius approx 25 m)