Safety Information as of 6/2007

For all SECUMAR Lifejackets with SECUMATIC 4001 automatic inflator and inspection window.

  1. The status of the SECUMATIC 4001 system can be seen by a red or green indicator that can be viewed by the user through the window beneath the international "beware" sign on the outer cover. (Picture #1 and #2).
  2. In practice one can see more than just indicated by the red and green indicators:
    • The cylinder is missing (Picture #3)
    • The cylinder is supplied but twisted (Picture #4)

    In the last two cases, the inflator is not operational and the cylinder must be supplied and/or twisted through 90º until the green indicator is at the front as shown in the warning triangle.

  3. From January 2006, the SECUMATIC 4001 has been supplied with a grey catch to hold the cylinder in the correct position. Enter the cylinder into the opening on the top of the inflator with the indicator at the side, twist through 90º until a loud positive click is heard and the indicator is at the front. The cylinder can only be removed by depressing the grey catch and twisting the cylinder anti-clockwise.