Quality Management

Quality Management DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

With the awareness that SECUMAR rescue equipment is to save life in an emergency, we at SECUMAR have always placed the greatest priority on reliability and quality of our products. Since 1994 the company has held the certification from the “Germanischer Lloyd Certification GmbH ” (GL, since 2021 DNV) which sets the highest requirements for quality management systems, the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. With the fulfillment of this standard SECUMAR possesses a forerunner position within the water sports sector.

The consumer who decides on a product from a company tested in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 can be sure that this company has installed all the technical, organizational and staffing prerequisites not only in order to produce a flawless product which satisfies customer requirements, but also to provide good servicing and a good customer service.

3 examples of the large SECUMAR quality program

  • Already the suppliers are part of the quality cycle. Only with flawless components can you produce flawless lifejackets. To this end SECUMAR has an incoming goods check kitted out with the most modern checking equipment where all component deliveries are subjected to a very exact test.
  • Each newly developed lifejacket is, in the course of its development, subjected to a detailed developmental test program. In order to carry out these tests, we have at our disposal laboratory equipment such as a climate simulation cabinet, traction dynamometer, pressure gauge and spray water unit.
  • The manufacture of SECUMAR-lifejackets is not only under constant supervision by trained testing staff, but also documented by a computer supported Quality Assurance Program (CAQ). Every important working and testing stage can also be proven years later by means of computer recorded data.

Regular audits

In order to determine whether the SECUMAR Quality Program is maintained in conformity with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, DNV and public institutions regularly carry out checks on conformity to standards and regulations.

Together with all our staff the SECUMAR Quality Program joins an ever developing Quality Circuit with the primary aim of placing our customers at the centre of all our efforts in accordance with our yardstick and company goal No. 1:

Satisfied customers through quality.