220N sailing lifejacket with integrated textile deck safety harness approved to DIN EN ISO 12402-3. Available in two colours. Ergonomically pre-formed shoulder area for more comfort. Suitable for longer use. Max buoyancy for 150N class. Shorter cut for the SURVIVAL series. Faster righting moment with the new SURVIVAL bladder technology. Designed to take PLBs or SARTs.

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CE: PSA konform mit Richtlinie 89/686/EWG, baumuster- und typgeprüft.

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standart equipment and characteristics

The SURVIVAL 220 is an inflatable sailing lifejacket. It comes with an integral deck safety harness with a textile D-Ring to reduce weight and avoid scratches on deck.

An exceptional wearer comfort is achieved through an ergonomic pre-shaped shoulder area with more freedom of movement for the head and neck. That‘s the definitive design element in this SURVIVAL model. It remains stable and doesn‘t ‚load up‘ on the back of the neck. An adjustable padded back strap allows to customise to the indiviual body shape.

The shorter cut and rear padded webbing harness all add to the wearer‘s comfort but it‘s not short on safety. In this 150N performance class version it still packs a full 220N of buoyancy for better freeboard and turning power. The high performance SECUMAR ‘winglet’ buoyancy chamber offers a higher freeboard and more stability in the water. A front ‚Click‘ buckle, crutch strap, sprayhood and harness as standard.

Also available as 275 N Class version and as 275 N DUO PROTECT version.


  • Max. buoyancy for 150N performance class lifejacket.
  • Hitherto unknown wearer comfort thanks to preformed shoulders.
  • SECUMAR ‘Winglet’ buoyancy bladder for higher freeboard and stability in the water.
  • SOLAS emergency light optional.
  • Integration of emergency transmitters
    This lifejacket is designed to accept the AIS-SART easyRESCUE A040-BW-COM, but the following transmitters may be integrated using an optional extra pocket:

    • Ocean Signal PLB1,
    • Kannad SafeLink R10
    • McMurdo Smartfind S20
    • ACR ResQLink+
  • Approved to
    • DIN EN ISO 12402-2 (CE mark),
    • DIN EN ISO 12401 (integrated deck safety harness)
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