Art. Nr. 14596-01

The easyRESCUE-A040-BW-COM is an AIS-SART.
After initialization the easyRESCUE transmits emergency AIS-SART sentence that can be received by all AIS devices (Class A & Class B). The device is also equipped with an integrated, accurate and fast GPS of the latest generation. The “live” position of a person in distress is visible via AIS on a PC or on a chart plotter. Thus, any vessel (commercial shipping, government vehicles, SAR, etc.) with AIS on board, can initiate an immediate rescue operation, which will increase your chances of survival.

SOLAS-Steuerrad: PSA konform mit der Schiffsausrüstungs- Richtlinie 96/98/EG und mit den SOLAS/ IMO Regeln für Rettungsmittel in der Seeschifffahrt.
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standart equipment and characteristics

Substantial modification to the equivalent easyRESCUE and easyRESCUE-A with its “auto activation” by means of water contact, easyRESCUE-A040-BW-COM device has got a third activation mode – a magnetic switch with a ripcord. At the upper end of the device a magnet switch is attached to rip cord. Now if in an emergency the ripcord applied and released from the device, the automatic activation of easyRESCUE-A040-BW-COM takes place. Once activated, the easyRESCUE-A040-BW-COM sends a constantly repeating AIS distress signal from the current GPS position. In addition to the automatic activation by the magnetic switch an activation by full water contact or a manual activation, by pressing the “ON” button, is still possible.

The easyRESCUE-A040-BW-COM does not require any additional equipment to use. To view the position of a person in distress, one to the PC or plotter connected AIS receiver or transponder AIS is necessary only.

There is no registration for the operation of easyRESCUE-A040-BW-COM required!

Technical data:
– BSH approval: BSH / 4615 / 4361565 / 10 (für easyRESCUE)
– transmission power approx. 1 W
– integrated, fastest at market available GPS receiver
– waterproof, 10 m depth (IP68)
– ambient operating conditions: -20°C bis 65°C
– length 125mm, width 68mm,hight 30mm
– weight approx. 210g
– battery lifespan: 5 years (If not used, except for self-test)
– service interval – after use or after 5 years, whichever comes first

– AIS S.A.R. Transmitter
– 96h transmission time after activation
– automatic activation by means of full water contact
– automatic activation by means of magnetic switch and ripcord
– highest approving level for AIS S.A.R.T. Of this size
– German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency
– US Federal Communication Commission FCC
– US Coast Guard
– Unique ident number of the unit
– Made in Germany by market leader
– transmission range up to 10 nm
– (Dependent on wave and receiver-antenna height)

The approval was granted by the German regulatory authority BSH (Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency), the U.S. regulatory authority FCC (Federal Communication Commission) and by the United States Coast Guard. With these highest levels of accreditation the easyRESCUE as AIS SART in this design, is unique in the world.