Anti-Inversion Cushion KSK

Several product variants available.

For hoisting in the mast top

incl. 19% VAT

160,90 171,90 


standart equipment and characteristics

For hoisting in the mast top,

KSK 20 – Vol. 20 l, 640 g, deflated 38 x 11 cm
KSK 40 – Vol. 40 l, 860 g, deflated 50 x 11 cm

The anti-capsize cushion keeps the mast top on the water’s surface. In this way inversion is prevented and righting the boat again becomes easier.

Note, February 2023

A anti-capsize cushion minimises the risk of boat inverting during a capsize. The function may be affected by the conditions of use.  Before using the anti-capsize cushion, check how big the turning moment in the masthead is which the anti-capsize cushion has to surmount. Take into account wind forces, swell, and strong tide that favours capsizing.