Art. Nr. 15793

The easyRESCUE-PRO (BT) rescue transmitter with AIS- and DSC-function has an integrated Bluetooth-LE module. Integrable in the SCOUT 3D, the SURVIVAL series as well as to the different models of ALPHA 275 3D Family.

CE: PSA konform mit Richtlinie 89/686/EWG, baumuster- und typgeprüft.
SOLAS-Steuerrad: PSA konform mit der Schiffsausrüstungs- Richtlinie 96/98/EG und mit den SOLAS/ IMO Regeln für Rettungsmittel in der Seeschifffahrt.
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Features and Design

Standard equipment and characteristics

The AIS- and DSC rescue transmitter easyRESCUE-PRO (BT) has been developed based on the well-known and SOLAS approved easyRESCUE (AIS S.A.R.T.). In addition to the AIS locating functionality, the easyRESCUE-PRO has got another built-in VHF alert: DSC distress call (MOB) By means of DSC distress call, other vessels having DSC controllers aboard are able to provide support as a potential emergency responder.

The easyRESCUE-PRO (BT) has an integrated Bluetooth-LE module. This allows easily and fast the programming of the up to 8 different MMSI numbers in the rescue Transmitter.


The approval was granted by the German regulatory authority BSH (Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency), the U.S. regulatory authority FCC (Federal Communication Commission) and by the United States Coast Guard. With these highest levels of accreditation the easyRESCUE as AIS SART in this design, is unique in the world. The DSC-transmitter and receiver contained in the easyRESCUE meet the norm EN 301 025 (Class D) and correspond to RTCM 11901.1. It is also part of the GMDSS.


The rescue transmitter easyRESCUE-PRO (BT) can be integrated in the following SECUMAR life jackets:

Technical data

  • Floatable
  • Single-hand or automatic activation
  • Certifications:
    • CE & R&TTE,
    • Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency BSH (easyRESCUE)
    • SOLAS (Professional shipping approval, based on SOLAS certified standard device easyRESCUE)
  • 96h in AIS mode after DSC “closed loop” alert has been acknowledged
  • 24h in AIS and DSC joint operation, when DSC gets no acknowledgment
  • Individual unit ID is transmitted
  • Clear function indication by 4 LEDs
  • High radio range of 10nm and more (depending on height of reception antenna)
  • GPS position is updated every minute
  • Parent ship knows where the victim is
  • No annual charge or subscription
  • No waiting for satellites

DSC radio transmitter and receiver part

  • includes a DSC transmitter and receiver
  • Closed loop DSC distress can address up to eight programmable vessel IDs
  • Open loop DSC distress alert can be relayed by other DSC stations
  • Conform to RTCM 11901.1 and EN301025 (DSC Class D)
  • Additional to the homing functionality of the AIS,  the DSC now provides GMDSS alerting