Lifejacket or only buoyancy aid?

The correct choice

Numerous types of water sports are confronted with a large number of various types of buoyancy aids and/or lifejackets. In order for the customer to invest in the life-saving equipment (the official name is 'personal protection equipment' = PPE) which is most suitable for him, there has been a classification and thus an orientation assistance since introduction of the European Standards.

Euro-standards to facilitate your decision

Euro standards for lifejackets and buoyancy aids (PPE) provide a scale and a yardstick on how to categorize this type of equipment. The yardstick is the load-bearing capacity, measured in Newton (N).

Particular characteristics belonging to a particular load-bearing capacity are categorized in four classes. The standard use must be described: for which type of territory the category is intended, which conditions may be found there (e.g. height of waves, temperatures) and whether outside help is available. Pictogrammes aid easy definition


This classification is put on every sales packaging for your orientation. From the compulsory markings on his life-saving equipment, the purchaser is able to gain additional information himself: standards class, height and weight, chest circumference, special type of sport and equipment, limitations on use, warnings etc.

The purchaser can place himself in a category in accordance with the territory in which he carries out his water sport. In any case, equipment of the higher Standards class is recommendable, if e.g. he would like to transfer his ship from the Havel (class 100N) to the Mediterranean (class 150 or 275).