This is a short glossary of lifejacket terms that might occur on this website

  • Archimedes Principle: „Any object, wholly or partially immersed in a fluid ,is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object“. History: Archimedes worked out that when he filled his bath to the brim and then got in it and submerged himself until he floated, the weight of the water displaced over the edge would exactly match his body weight. That‘s when he said Eureka (I‘ve found it)!
  • Click Buckle: Fastening and unfastening SECUMAR lifejackets with the patented click buckle has never been easier, a major plus point in the wearing of your lifejacket.
  • Harness: Integral safety strap to DIN EN ISO 12401 (formerly DIN EN 1095).
  • Inspection Window: The state of readiness of the firing mechanism can now be seen through the window from the outside.
  • Lifebelt: Integral safety strap: see Harness.
  • Lifeline / Safety Lanyard: Webbing strap or line that connects the Harness to a strong point on deck (or jack-stay). Built to DIN EN ISO 12401 (formerly DIN EN 1095).
  • MOB: Man Over Board. Politically correct it is now POB: Person over board
  • Newton (N): The unit of measurement of the force of a liquid or gas in supporting a body. See Archimedes Principle.
  • POB: Person over board
  • Positorque: CO2 Cartridge or system on the SECUMATIC 3001S to ensure the gas cylinder does not work loose.
  • Service Pocket: Zipped access pocket in the outer cover to enable easy inspection and replacement of any part of the firing mechanism without having to open the complete jacket.
  • Specific Weight: The specific weight of a body is the relationship between its weight and volume. See Archimedes Principle and Buoyancy. In practice, a 100 kg athlete (muscle and bone) will sink much faster than a 100 kg ‚fatty‘ (fat and bone) as the spyou‘re fit, it doesn‘t mean you float!
  • Sprayhood / Spraycap: Hood, to be pulled over the head and top of the lifejacket, to keep off spray, channelled water and maintain heat in the head which can all lead to drowning.
  • Crutch Strap: Webbing strap, supplied as standard or as an accessory, worn between the legs to hold the lifejacket in the correct position when in the water. Recommended.