1995: With SECUMAR into a safe future


Company Milestones

The “DGzRS-lifejacket Mod.4”

Arguably, the men from the German Sea Rescue Service (DGzRS) are exposed to harsher weather conditions on the sea than any others. As a result of their experiences, SECUMAR has designed a lifejacket to suit their needs using state-of-the-art technology. The development of the ‘DGzRS Mod. 4’ was a difficult endeavor. The aim was to provide the best technology, but, at the same time, to allow for maximum movement for the wearer.

Some details of this specialized jacket are as follows. A three-chamber system secures buoyancy by means of a 290 N buoyancy chamber, which can be automatically activated, and a manual reserve system for the second inflatable chamber. The close fitting design of the jacket prevents the equipment from being damaged while deflated or inflated. Such damage could be caused from mechanical damage on board, or from the power of the sea. Although they are wearing particularly heavy attire, the lifting buoyancy of the jacket can turn and hold the rescue workers to a safe face-upward, inclined position. There is an integrated six-point safety belt design with a central harness point to ensure safety to the rescue workers when exposed to harsh forces of the sea. This feature assists in rescue without putting strain on one side of the body.

The Mod. 4 lifejacket is made of extremely durable material and includes many safety accessories to allow the wearer maximum advantage when on a rescue operation. The vest is made of net fabric, and the leg and chest straps encompass the body several times. The buoyancy chamber and the protective cover surrounding the chamber are both manufactured with tear-resistant materials. The accessories on the jacket include a spray hood, a buddy line, an automatic safety light, a buoyant knife, an emergency transmitter, and a signaling whistle. In addition, the jacket includes large pockets and reflective material covering much of the jacket.

The jacket’s functional use and the ease of movement during use have been proven over time by its wide acceptance, and through tests. One test, in particular, was a training course including 60 people and several cruisers and vessels from the DGzRS. The result of this test led to recognition that the DGzRS lifejacket qualifies as a complete life-saving product, which knows no parallels.

Although today this lifejacket represents a combination of state-of-the-art technology, and innovative thinking, tomorrow, this model may be developed even further. This concept is the mentality of SECUMAR, and the reason behind the company’s success.