SECUVAC – Waterproof protection system for the evacuation of injured persons

SECUVAC protects injured persons who are secured on a stretcher for transport from contact with water and thus from drowning and hypothermia.

Especially during transfer procedures, for example during a distress at sea from a ship to a rescue vessel or during flood rescue operations from a house to a boat, there is a risk that the stretcher will fall into the water, putting the injured person’s life in acute danger. In this situation, SECUVAC ensures that the injured person continues to be supplied with breathing air and that the stretcher remains afloat thanks to its waterproof cover and the air enclosed in it. The cover can be opened and closed with a waterproof zip on three sides. If you open the zip over its entire length, you can unfold the system completely. One of the long sides remains closed like a hinge.

The waterproof protection system is friction-locked attached to the roll-up stretcher (not part of the scope of delivery) with straps. Fastening straps (scope of delivery) are used for this purpose. The injured person is secured inside the cover by means of robust thimbles and the original harness system of the stretcher. There is enough space inside for a vacuum mattress, if required (not included in the scope of delivery). The proven personal safety is therefore not impaired by SECUVAC.

In the area of the head, the waterproof cover is made of transparent material. This viewing window serves on the one hand the comfort of the injured person and on the other hand their observation by the rescue forces.
A special arch construction ensures that the foil does not touch the patient’s face. For the purpose of treatment, the head area can be opened via a separate waterproof zip without having to open the rest of the cover or unbuckle the straps.

Inside the waterproof protection system is a fleece blanket to protect the patient from contact cold. The blanket has an insertion compartment in the head area for a pillow and is connected to the protective cover via velcro connections to protect against slipping.

SECUVAC is mainly made of robust CORDURA® in stonegrey-olive. Large parts of the surface are equipped with lasered MOLLE grids. Optional accessories, such as an AIS emergency transmitter, can be mounted here. Reflective strips equipped with velcro can be easily removed if required by the tactics. Additional buoyancy material is fitted in the foot area for improved water position. The floor is made of a black, high-strength polyamide fabric to protect against damage from boots, belts, the stretcher itself, rough surfaces and the like. In addition to the transparent film described above, the cover in the head area is made of GORE-TEX® ARID LITE AIR. This is a waterproof and breathable three-layer laminate. If circumstances require the cover to remain completely closed for a long time, a compressed air cylinder can be connected to the system to supply fresh air. An inlet valve is located at abdominal area and an outlet valve at the head area of the protection system. The compressed air cylinder can be stored in the stowage compartment with MOLLE grid in the foot area.

General Information

Part No.17130
WeightApprox. 4,8 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)205 x 70 x 25 (in the foot area) up to 50 cm (50 cm in the head area)
Packsize70 x 40 x 20 cm

Waterproof protection system

Main materialPolyamid 6.6 CORDURA®, stonegrey-oliveThree-layer laminateGORE-TEX® ARID LITE AIR
Ground materialPolyamid 6.6, high strength, black Outlet valve •
Inlet valve•(int)  

Fleece blanket


• standard /○ optional /– not available

Detailed illustrations

Interior with fleece blanket and leg slings