SECUMAR presents newly developed inherent 50N buoyancy aid for paddlers

CAMINO = paddling is fun

With our new model CAMINO, our product range of high-quality inherent buoyancy aids has grown!

The extra soft SECU foam, combined with the brilliant Hawaiian-ocean/blue colour and abrasion-proof CORDURA®-material are classified as a 50N buoyancy aid.

The extra robust inherent buoyancy aid comes in 4 different sizes, 30-40 kg, 40 to 70 kg, 70 to 90 kg and 90 to 120 kg. We specifically included a size indication shown with coloured labelling at shoulder height, incredibly handy for kayak- and canoeing bestowers – making allocating the correct size an easy job.

The CAMINO is a comfortable fit, combined with optimum freedom of movement. It has a skin-tight fit with adjustable straps, as well as side fastener within the seam and in the shoulder area for the perfect fit.







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