RCS – Rebreather-Carrying-System

The SECUMAR RCS is a modular carrying system for closed-circuit diving apparatus.

It serves in a basic configuration as an ergonomic carrying system for diving rebreathers. The modular design enables the diver to configurate the device for different applications. Depending on the mission the rebreather can be worn front- or backmounted. The modular design allows the additional assembly of the SECUMAR TSK 554 buoyancy compensator with emergency ascent function, the scooter- and climbing belt, ballistic plate carriers and other equipmet on the Molle system of the stiffened back of the RCS.

General Information

TypeRCS – Rebreather-Carrying-System
Part No.17142
WeightApprox. 1,7 kg

Scope of delivery

Carrying system
Weight/Lead belt
Y-crotch strap
LAR connecting belts (4 pcs.)

RCS – scope of delivery

Detailed illustrations

RCS complete with TSK 554, rebreather, scooter belt
and pouch with compressed-air cylinder

Mounting details

Modular connection from TSK to RCS in the neck.
Modular connection of TSK to RCS on the shoulder straps.
If necessary, the horizontal TSK back belt is passed through the back of the RCS.
Preferred installation when used with bottle pockets.
The vertical TSK back belt is guided through the loop of the vertical back belt inside the RCS in this case.
Alternative mounting of the TSK when using the 4.0l bottle pocket.
The use of the vertical TSK back belt can be dispensed within this configuration.
The horizontal TSK back strap can be passed through the back of the RCS.
Alternative mounting of the TSK when using the scooter / climbing harness.
Instead of the crotch strap, the connecting strap is used and passed through the loop of the climbing harness.
In the back area, the TSK back belt is fixed through the back of the RCS.