Quality – Made in Germany

Quality management at SECUMAR

  1. How do we supervise our SECUMAR Management?
    The very stringent requirements of the international standard DIN-EN-ISO 9001 are applied to our Administration, Development and Design, Production, Sales, Shipping, and Service and Maintenance Departments. These sections of our company are integrated in a control system. The Management system is audited and certified annually by the GL, Germanischer Lloyd Certification GmbH.
  2. Why does SECUMAR have a complete computer-assisted control and inspection system for their production?
    Men’s lives could be endangered by any mistake or malfunction of a lifejacket. Therefore, SECUMAR production is controlled and inspected by computer-assisted systems to ensure the manufacture of high quality products. All production data is recorded and facilitates tracing back at any time.
  3. Why does SECUMAR subject an automatic inflator to the water test?
    Every single SECUMATIC 3001 inflation device is subjected to an in-water performance test before being assembled in a lifejacket – testing the performance of the pill, the spring and the pin piercing the CO2 cylinder.
  4. How does SECUMAR guarantee full CO2 cylinders?
    Every single CO2 cylinder is weighed electronically to prove the marked contents (CO2 = carbon dioxide). For example if the contents were short of only 2 g of CO2, the inflated buoyancy chamber would be short of 1daN buoyancy (1 litre of volume) !
  5. How do we inspect the assembly of inflator and lifejacket?
    The torque assembly of the inflator in the lifejacket is computer assisted and therefore absolutely reliable so that in distress situations the lifejacket and inflator will perform reliably.
  6. What about the “pressure test”?
    Every buoyancy chamber is subjected to a pressure test at 100 mbar over 16 hours. And, a total production batch can be accepted only if 2 of 100 buoyancy chambers have passed a burst test of min. 1.2 bar.
  7. Do the main components of the lifejacket come “from one source”?
    All components of the lifejacket are supplied by Bernhardt Apparatebau – SECUMAR / Wedel. Inflation devices (e.g. SECUMATIC 3001 S), fittings, buoyancy chambers, protective cover, harness have been developed and manufactured in our works.