Proper integration of distress beacons


Electronic alarm and direction finding equipment is a major step forward for lifejackets, offering an extra positive safety feature. However, many factors need to be observed in order that the complete system functions properly and reliably: for example, the transmitter needs to be automatically activated via the inflation of the lifejacket in one seamless operation.

The antenna must not be able to damage the lifejacket but at the same time be stiff enough to reliably raise itself into position; the transmitter must not have sharp corners and also be capable of stowing properly within the lifejacket cover. Importantly, the wrong transmitter or incorrect installation can in the worst case, damage the lifejacket as well as its operation or affect the operation of the PLB as well. It may also negate the DIN EN ISO classification of the lifejacket if fitted by an unqualified supplier as it no longer conforms to the original test parameters.

SECUMAR has rigorously tested several different MOB solutions to find the best compatible systems appropriate with its stringent requirements for safety and quality.