Why service my SECUMAR lifejacket?

Taking your car for its routine servicing goes without saying. Servicing a lifejacket is the same. A major service is due at least every two years.

incl. 19% VAT

42,50 60,90 


This is comprised of, amongst other things
  • 16 hours airtightness test of the buoyancy chambers
  • water test of the automatic inflator using test platelets and pill
  • manual test of the manual inflator using test platelets
  • renewal of the pill in the automatic inflator
  • renewal of the gaskets
  • functional check of the oral valve
  • function check of the over-pressure valve on SOLAS lifejackets
  • check of the seams and the buckles
  • check of the CO2 cartridge
  • assembly by means of electronic torque supervision
  • renewal of service sticker and packaging.
  • documentation and final check in accordance with Quality Assurance System

Within the framework of a service repairs are carried out. If requested, new component parts such as a lifejacket light, spray hood, or a neck fleece may be retro-fitted. After the new assembly process which is electronically checked, the successful service is documented by a FSR service batch.

Note: We would like to ask you, to please make sure to send your lifejackets via parcel service, incl. the CO2 cylinder. For reasons of safety, we strictly ship back fully operative lifejackets to our customers. If we receive lifejackets without the cylinder, we will have to replace it and invoice the costs to you.