Why service my SECUMAR lifejacket?

Taking your car for its routine servicing goes without saying. Servicing a lifejacket is the same. A major service is due at least every two years.

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42,50 60,90 


This is comprised of, amongst other things
  • 16 hours airtightness test of the buoyancy chambers
  • water test of the automatic inflator using test platelets and pill
  • manual test of the manual inflator using test platelets
  • renewal of the pill in the automatic inflator
  • renewal of the gaskets
  • functional check of the oral valve
  • function check of the over-pressure valve on SOLAS lifejackets
  • check of the seams and the buckles
  • check of the CO2 cartridge
  • assembly by means of electronic torque supervision
  • renewal of service sticker and packaging.
  • documentation and final check in accordance with Quality Assurance System

Within the framework of a service repairs are carried out. If requested, new component parts such as a lifejacket light, spray hood, or a neck fleece may be retro-fitted. After the new assembly process which is electronically checked, the successful service is documented by a FSR service batch.