Art. Nr. 17611

Automatic SOLAS lifejacket light, 75 cm cable between battery and light, lifespan of at least 4 years. For all inflatable lifejackets and inherent foam lifejackets.

SOLAS-Steuerrad: PSA konform mit der Schiffsausrüstungs- Richtlinie 96/98/EG und mit den SOLAS/ IMO Regeln für Rettungsmittel in der Seeschifffahrt.
USCG: Konform mit US Coast Guard Zulassungskategorie 161.112 , baumuster- und typgeprüft.

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Standart equipment and characteristics

The SECUMAR LED-II is an automatic SOLAS lifejacket light.

  • Applicable for inflatable lifejackets, inherent lifejacket and marker buoys
  • Flashlight (50-70 flashes per minute)
  • Operates in fresh or salt water
  • Automatic activation upon immersion in water
  • Switch-off button included
  • For use with lifejackets or marker bouys
  • Flashlight (50-70 flashes/min)
  • For use in fresh and salt water
  • Automatic activation upon water entry
  • Comparison to conventional SECULUX CFX-II:
    • min. 50 % higher luminosity
    • min. 3 x operating time
    • ca. 20 % reduced weight