Lifeline Classic

Art. Nr. 16343

3-Point safety line for SECUMAR lifejackets with harness, with WICHARD snap hooks and overload indicator, black/orange, approved to DIN EN ISO 12401.

CE: PSA konform mit Richtlinie 89/686/EWG, baumuster- und typgeprüft.
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Features and Design

3-point safety line for SECUMAR lifejackets with harness, with SECUMAR branding, yellow, for persons over 50 kg. Approved to DIN EN ISO 12401.

So that there is no sudden slipping overboard: skippers with foresight hook themselves on as soon as the sea gets rough.

If a crew member falls while being clipped in, there can be extremely high loads on the lifeline, which can weaken the material. The SECUMAR CLASSIC Lifeline features a stress indicator. It is a double-layered line that is lightly stitched and protected by a piece of heat shrink tubing. When subjected to excessive stress, the stress indicator gets damaged. A small flag appears with a warning message, indicating that the lifeline should be replaced.

The stress indicator is designed to open/break at a load of approximately 350 kg.