A real innovation: the new FURIO.

The SECUMAR FURIO is our new hybrid impact vest and was developed especially for kite-surfing, foiling- and skiff-sailing, dinghy-sailing or SUP.

Our FURIO combines the advantages of a 50 Newton buoyancy aid with impact protection with the benefits of an additional manually activated 110 Newton lifejacket buoyancy chamber, providing a total of 160 Newton of buoyancy in a potentially dangerous situation.


Highly efficient impact protection through integrated, removable back protector reduces the risk of spinal injuries..

Fits tight to the body for maximum freedom of movement.

Available in four sizes for an ideal fit.

Front storage pocket mit zipper.

Integrated small opening for the passage of a trapeze hook.




Thanks to a small opening, the impact protection vest with integrated, removable back protector is compatible with harness trapeze for foilers and dinghy sailors as well as with a hip or seat harness for kitesurfers.


The SECUMAR FURIO has a tight fit to ensure maximum freedom of movement and is available in four sizes for optimum comfort.


Size S | 60-80 kg Bodyweight | 88-100 cm Chest circumference | P/N 17214
Size M | 70-90 kg Bodyweight | 95-105 cm Chest circumference | P/N 17215
Size L | 80-100 kg Bodyweight | 100-115 cm Chest circumference | P/N 17216
Size XL | 90-115 kg Bodyweight | 110-125 cm Chest circumference | P/N 17217

The new hybrid impact vest SECUMAR FURIO will be available from the 13th of June 2022.