My child is one year old, which life jacket do you recommend? ( Inflatable / Inherent buoyancy )

This is one of the most difficult decisions. Our inflatable life jackets are suitable from a body weight of 35 lbs. (15 kg) upwards but are a problem when a child wearing nappies falls into the water.
It goes without saying that this is also true of inherent buoyancy life jackets, which we have in our programme from a size of 12-35 lbs. (5-15 kg) upwards. Here the motto is: You ought to be close by when your child falls into the water. The inflatable life jacket will inflate in the water and bring your child to the surface. The necessary buoyancy is in the right place and will mean that his mouth is out of the water. The child will not get into a sweat as easily as he would in an inherent buoyancy life jacket in the sun on the jetty.

The inherent buoyancy life jacket, on the other hand, has the advantage of being virtually indestructible and not needing servicing. On the other hand, the buoyancy is immediately available but distributed on the whole body and not optimal because of this.