Can I switch off the automatic inflation device when I am taking part in paddling sports, and switch it back on again when I go sailling?

Yes, you can, as long as your life jacket is fitted with a SECUMATIC 3001 S or 4001 S type of inflation device. We carry a manual override for both of these inflation devices in our range.

Function: If the manual override is inserted, the function of the automatic inflation device is restricted to semi-automatic operation. That means, if the manual override is activated, the lifejacket can only be inflated by pulling the release handle.

Important note: In certain applications it makes scenes to use a manually inflated lifejacket. Sometimes it is even safer than using a fully automatic inflatable lifejacket. But in Europe, lifejackets are classified as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). All PPE is approved and certified by an external, independent notified body. If a fully automatic lifejacket is modified to manual operation, this may effect the lifejacket approval. Therefore it is essential for your safety to follow the user instructions supplied with the manual override.