A CONTRA to the cold

SECUMAR presents innovative immersion suits and lifejackets for the first time at INTERSCHUTZ 2015 in Hannover and at the MMS in Bremerhaven on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the DGzRS.

CONTRA 110 and CONTRA 140 – these are the names of major innovations from Bernhardt Apparatebau, which is already known worldwide for its technologically advanced SECUMAR lifejackets. New work and survival suits, acc. to DIN EN ISO 15027-1, now complement the lifejackets in such a way that SECUMAR products not only protect from drowning alone, but also against the mortal risk of the “cold”. On-water clothing and protective equipment should fit most perfectly to each other. The new work and survival suits have been developed according to this basic idea, the most important characteristic being excellent functionality associated with high wearer comfort. The suits are waterproof and the user can set them up individually with different underwear depending on water temperature so they are perfectly protected from cold shock and hypothermia – even under extreme conditions. All suits use the Gore-Tex® high-performance membrane which whilst preventing water ingress, allows internal water vapor to diffuse through the material to the outside, making it extremely comfortable to wear. The different models differ significantly in how they work:



The CONTRA 110 models are undersuits which can be worn under any working clothes – and so they are protected from mechanical damage and contamination. They are characterized by very low weight. The CONTRA 140 models are working and survival suits and can be equipped with an internal fall arrest harness according to EN 361 / EN 858 for work at height with the CONTRA 140 AS model. The suits are available in six sizes to allow the highest level of movement. Socks or S5 safety boots (depending on the model) are integrated, the seals at the neck and wrists are soft and their sizes are freely selectable. This personalised and freely configurable suit is comfortable to wear even over long periods with its horizontal zipper across the stomach and removable thermal liner, fixed by means of zippers, allowing easy donning and doffing and ensuring a comfortable fit. The suit itself has no integrated buoyancy system. We therefore recommend an additional SECUMAR lifejacket according to EN ISO 12402-2 or SOLAS regulations with a minimum of 275N buoyancy.

The SECUMAR GOLF 275 HV fireman’s lifejacket, acc. to EN ISO 12402-2, was developed specifically for the Fire Brigade and can be used with or without self-contained breathing apparatus. The arrangement of the harness straps enable the lifejacket to be worn over or under the compressed air cylinder, so the SCBA doesn’t need to be removed to don the lifejacket. The special design of the buoyancy chamber provides enough space at the back of the neck to prevent the helmet being forced forward and at the front for the mask and demand valve. A D-ring at the back allows the connection to a safety line. For “hot” missions close to the fire the outer protective cover of aluminized NOMEX preserves the lifejacket from damage by heat and sparks.

These new innovations will be shown on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the DGzRS in conjunction with the Congress “WMRC” (World Maritime Rescue Congress) from May 30th to June 02nd 2015  at the “MMS” Exhibition in Bremerhaven and also at INTERSCHUTZ 2015 – the leading exhibition for fire prevention, rescue, disaster relief, safety and security – where SECUMAR will be found in hall 025 – booth no. H20 from 08th to June 13th 2015.