Spray Protection Cover

Breathing without spray

A modern lifejacket can do many things, but unfortunately there are also many things which it cannot do. Thus although it is indeed able to hold a shipwrecked yachtsman’s head at a safe distance above the surface of the water, it cannot, however, guarantee that you breathe without difficulty in the spray water of churned up wave crests. What is fatal about this is that the life-threatening inhaling of water and/or water penetrating the respiratory system of your already weakened body is unwittingly brought about by the person concerned. For, in accordance with the principles of physics, the wearer of a lifejacket will always be turned with his face into the wind, that is, exactly towards the direction of the storm and spray water.

This fatal additional danger can only be prevented by a special Spray Protection Cap which is put on over the shipwrecked person’s head and lifejacket. Such a protection cap, developed by the British Royal Navy in the fifties, is nowadays a sensible, if not indispensable complement for every SECUMAR lifejacket.

When you buy a SECUMAR lifejacket you can order a Spray Protection Cap with it or you can order this separately later. Please always quote the model for the cap must fit the size of the buoyancy aid. It is possible that even the older types of lifejackets can be equipped with spray protection caps later (Best to have the sewing done by SECUMAR SERVICE).

Spray Protection Caps or 'Sprayhoods' can easily be install later as an additional extra from our 1999 Programme on.