40 SF

Art. Nr. 16727

The lifejacket with an extra high buoyancy of 360 N. For tough fire brigade use and men who wear weighty breathing apparatus and fire helmets.

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CE: PSA konform mit Richtlinie 89/686/EWG, baumuster- und typgeprüft.

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standart equipment and characteristics

Even when the lifejacket is inflated, the helmet does not slip over the face. The automatic inflator SECUMATIC 3001S still functions under extreme conditions, e. g. if the lifejacket has been in contact with red hot tubing at 600°C over a long period.


  • Approvals:
    DIN EN ISO 12402-2 (275N-performance class)
    DIN EN ISO 12402-6 (life jackets and foam buoyancy aids for special applications)
    The heat resistance of the new 40 SF was certified by tests based on EN 136:1998 chapter 8.6 and EN 469:2014 chapter 6.4
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